Interchangeable & Adjustable Nose Pad

Adjustable and interchangeable nose pad

Unique integrated adjustable TPR nose pad that will never fall off (Patent No.: TW-M425289), the combination of adjustable TPR nose pad and temple, may be adjusted freely depending on individual facial features, offering unprecedented wearing comfort. 

Adjustable Temple System

Adjustable temples

The adjustable temple system allows wearers to adjust the angles according to individual facial features, creating the most comfortable wearing condition, and the anti-slip temple covers enhance the stability during all types of sports. (Patent No.: TW-M350718 USA-553017 B1

Anti-slip Nose Pad & Temple Tip System

Anti-slip nose pads or tips

TPR material anti-slip nose pads and temple tips may reduce the issue of slipping of glasses as a result of sweat due to exercising, thereby enhancing the comfortable factor for wearing; it is an indispensable when selecting sports glasses. 

Frame Material

Frame material

Swiss ultra-light technological memory plastic material GRILAMID is used, it features super flexibility and shock durability, providing ultra- protective function, suitable for long-term wearing by sportsman.  

Optical Inner Lens System

Optical inner

The detachable optical inner frame specially designed for sports people with short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism; this optical inner frame is directly inserted onto the interior of the nose pads to be integrated with the sports frame, where the functions of optical and sports glasses ae fused without the need to wear two pair of glasses for exercising. It is recommended that 25 diopters should be deducted for short-sightedness lenses. 

Adjustable Nose Pad System

Adjustable nose pads

The adjustable nose pad system allows wearers to adjust the height according to individual noses; the nose pads also feature anti-slip effect to attain the most fitting wearing experience.