Return Process

  1. An exquisite glasses storage and protection case together with the product user manual, the original company and the Chinese warranty cards, as well as an ultra-fine fiber anti-static wipe pouch come with all ZIV Sports Glasses products. 
  2. When not using the glasses, please store in the ZIV glasses storage case; the ZIV ultra-fine fiber anti-static wipe-pouch (storage and wipe cloth in one) may be used when going outdoors.
  3.  ZIV Sports Glasses and lenses are of hi-tech electroplating; it is suggested to clean and maintain using water on a regular basis. 
  4.  In order to ensure the quality of the lenses will not be damaged as well as to prolong the lifespan of usage, please do not use alcohol or chemical liquids to wipe the glasses, to avoid damaging the surface reinforcement layer of the lenses; please do not allow the lenses to rub against hard objects either. 
  5.  Please take note to ensure whether the lenses are clean before wearing the glasses in order to maintain wearing comfort and safety.