About ZIV


Brand Story

A majority of sunglasses and sports glasses at the present are designed by European and American manufacturers, and are not suitable for by Asian facial features. The Giantec design team specially recruited design elites from Taiwan and overseas, and after many years of research, finally developed sunglasses and sports glasses suitable for Asians.


Brand Spirit

ZIV means energetic in Greek, and our design principle is also to fill our products with passion, as well as drive the users to become more energetic, to enjoy a splendid life with high spirit whether for sports or leisure, in the city or countryside. Moreover, ZIV is also the abbreviation for Zoom In Vision, as we hope to enhance all vision-related product techniques through constant research, so as to allow consumers with better, more comfortable and safer omni-directional product options.


ZIV Brand Expectations

A collection of sunglasses and sports glasses was launched in Taiwan during 2010, and introduced to Asia at the same time. The ZIV team will persist to pursue newer and better materials as well as techniques towards the environment, thereby allowing all consumers to enjoy the latest discoveries, as well as make a contribution towards protecting the earth.