ZIV Characteristics

We are a pioneer in focusing the design on oriental faces to design sunglasses dedicated for Asians, overturning the traditional existing sunglasses market. ZIV insists on 100% MIT without considering the cost or going with the flow, and has set stringent quality checkpoints to create the proud Asian brand sunglasses. ZIV team’s persistence towards brand and quality is extremely rigorous, just like professional combatants fighting every minute and second. ZIV sunglasses not only are your ideal protection for sports, but further represent the attitude of “innovating vitality” and “persisting perfection”, as well as the spirit of “not afraid of challenges”.。


1. Fitting:

Specially designed to fit Asian facial features, providing you with the most fitting and comfortable experience.

2. Perfection:

Insists on 100% MIT, stringent inspections to create the perfect quality.

3. Protection:

Shock-proof and scratch-proof lenses with anti-UV400, polarization and photochromism, offering you the best protection.

4. Easy:

The Storm series has launched fog-proof, grease-proof and splash-proof lenses which may also be used together with polarizing and photochromic effects, allowing you to exercise with ease under any weather, as well as save time in cleaning.

5. Function:

The Fits Over system and optical inner design allows everyone to enjoy the protection from the sunglasses with ease, whether you are short-sighted or not.

6. Light:

The frames use Swiss Gliamid TR90 ultra-light material, which are not only light-weight, but also features memory material and high flexibility, which will not deform when wearing, allowing you to exercise without concerns and therefore attain better performance.

7. Creativity:

ZIV has innovated three-time injection adjustable nose pads and temples, which have been honored with several design and structural patents. We further endeavor in the lens technology to develop the pioneering all-in-one functional lenses for the Storm series within the industry.