PC Safe Polarized Lens

Reinforced Polarized Lens

PC Safe Polarized Lens or Reinforced Polarized Lens are capable of blocking out light rays that are harmful to the eyes, allowing wearers’ vision to be much clearer and brighter; other than daily usage, it further offers better vision clarity for driving or fishing. 

Convective wind tunnel system

Air ventilation

Wind tunnel system allows the lens to keep dry at all times fog, providing wearers more comfortable and safe sports conditions and better visual effects.

Shock-Proof PC Photochromic Lens

PC Photochromic

French BNL precision hi-tech shock-proof PC photochromic lenses are used, not only featuring 100% anti UVA and UVB functions, but the lenses can turn darker or lighter according to the strength of the sunlight, thereby protecting the eyes from strong lights. 

Optical Protection Glasses System

Fits over

Can be worn directly on the outside of short-sighted or far-sighted glasses with convenience and comfort, so that no discomfort of contact lenses has to be suffered; it is also suitable for people who do not wear glasses, it is a pair of glasses suitable for everyone. 

Storm Series

Storm Series

Storm Series